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the return of the lesters store.

On 02, Dec 2011 | No Comments | In good design, this is happening | By admin

i hate to sound like a broken record year after year but there are just certain things worth mentioning more than once. the lesters store is one of those things. this aesthetically pleasing art/found object, gallery/store has set up shop in geyserville for the holidays! so go on and let go of all your gift giving woes because the fantastic ladies of the lesters store can help. take a peek at their website to preview the artists and finds they’ll be featuring.

» their pop-up store can be visited from now until Dec 28, daily from noon to 7pm.

Perdita Productions
21025 Geyserville Avenue
Geyserville, Ca

catch their next event on Saturday, December 10th from 6 to 9pm with live music, gifts, and light refreshments.

and if you need more than one reason to head up to geyserville, then here you go: diavola pizzeria…pizza [gf + reg] that tastes so good when it hits your lips.

see you there.

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In good design

By admin

the internet makes wonderful things.

On 21, Nov 2011 | 2 Comments | In good design | By admin

how does the internet do it?! so many cool and interesting things that i could pull right into my life and say “how did i ever live without that?”

1. David Turpin & Native Union’s POP! Handset

2. Patrick Morris & Boskke’s Sky Planter Recycled

3. HIV rug by Bev Hisey

4. Jumping Point 2012 dot calendar

5. Charcoal Grey Felt Weekender Bag

6. Lorem Ipsum Cuff

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